The Executive Board of the Guild of Temple Musicians met for discussion and deliberations at the ACC GTM Convention in Dallas this past week. This resulted in some exciting developments. President Dr. Alan Mason split a present Board position of VP Education and Convention into two separate portfolios to better serve the organization. Laurie Akers will remain for another year as VP of Convention and Board Member at Large, Cantor Paula Baruch was appointed to serve as VP of Education for the coming year.

In addition, three Board Members at Large were added to the GTM Board. Introducing Emily Tummons, a Cantorial Soloist from Congregation Beth Torah in Overland Park, Kansas, Lindi Rivers, a Cantorial Soloist from Holy Blossom Synagogue in Toronto, Ontario and Cantor Laurie M. Weinstein who begins serving Temple Israel in Tulsa, Oklahoma this month. We are thrilled to have these wonderful new volunteers serve our organization and bring new enthusiasm and dedication to the job.

Announcing our Board for 2018-2019

President – Dr. Alan Mason

Immediate Past President – Aryell Cohen

Secretary – Dr. Julie Zimmerman

Treasurer – Dr. John Planer

VP Membership – Marla Aviva-Bentley

VP Communication – Kelly Onickel

VP Convention – Laurie Akers

VP Special Projects – David Shukiar

VP Education – Cantor Paula Baruch

Board Member at Large – Liz Herman

Board Member at Large – Lindi Rivers

Board Member at Large – Cantor Laurie Weinstein

Board Member at Large – Emily Tummons

2019 GTM Atlanta Convention Chairs ~ Laurie Akers & Judy Cole

2020 GTM San Diego Convention Chairs ~ Cantor Laurie Weinstein & Bob Remstein & David Shukiar

Together, our goal is to enhance the knowledge and expertise of synagogue musicians through continuing education.


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