Renew, register and return for another year with the GTM.

We are so pleased to have our new GTM website up and running smoothly. We realize that it takes time for all of our members to log in for the first time and take advantage of all that our online presence has to offer. We are here to help you!

The first time you log in you will need to use the complicated and nearly impossible to copy correctly password. The secret is to cut and paste it right into the password window to ensure you have the correct sequence! Once you log in for the first time, you can then change that crazy sequence to something more friendly…but please…don’t choose ‘password123’…or your address. It’s just not secure enough!

When you are logged in as a member on our site you have access to the Member Only features. You can check on your own account history using the CHAVERWEB link. You sign in to that area in the same way. It is securely held and administered by the American Conference of Cantor’s office. You will see your basic data and can update your address, phone, work, etc. You can also see your account history and print out records of all of your payment information.

All of our paid up members are held in this database and we update our membership list right after our dues renewal deadline, which is August 30th. We then create a Membership Directory which is available for download for Members only right from our new website.

As new members join throughout the year, it may take a month before they appear on our website. Each member’s profile appears on our GTM website and is searchable.

We hope you will find our new website of great benefit in your relationship as a Guild member. If you ever have problems or questions about the site, you can get help by emailing our website administrator and GTM Board Member, Paula Baruch.

[email protected]

Shana Tovah!

Together, our goal is to enhance the knowledge and expertise of synagogue musicians through continuing education.


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